Game Intro


Game Lore

No matter what takes place in the world,

Every day, there will always be starlight glittering at the edge of sky until day break,

and there will always be morning dew shining on the grass in the soft light of day break;

Both the starlight and the morning dew will give way gradually when the sky becomes bright.

Starlight and Morning Dew, they meet only for a short time.

Although the time they meet each other is short, they feel quite happy everyday.

The Memory of the Past Days:

Long, long ago, there was no difference between heaven and the human world. Every corner was filled with happiness, until one day something unexpected happened. The archangel Lucifer fell in love with a girl. However this girl was already in love with another angel. Jealousy consumed Lucifer until he lost his mind and used his powers to transmute the girl into dew and the angel into starlight in order to separate the two lovers forever.

Lucifer knew he would be punished sooner or later, so he gathered a rebellious army and attempted to overthrow the reign of God. Afterwards, Lucifer and his rebel army failed and were expelled to Hell. Ever since Lucifer was expelled to hell, he has been planning his revenge. He is expanding his evil forces now, and has founded a demon-training camp, with the purpose being to destroy the Garden of Eden. Even worse, Lucifer believes now is the right time to take his revenge on God.

Still Remember?

A helping hand steadies you in time when you almost slip.
A person turns up and gives you a tissue when you're crying your eyes out because of love.  
A paper ball appears on your desk when you are grasping for answers to a difficult exam.
You always remember those people in your lives who have helped you before. They may come from different places, but they have a common name: Angels.

[The army that is supposed to be sent to the human world is recruiting!!!]
[Eden Cleaning Plan has started!!]
You can see these posters with recruitment slogans everywhere in the plaza of the angels' realm.
[Is Michael starting to recruit once again? Can angels go to the human world? What has happened to Eden?]
Some elders near the square are talking about the recruitment matter.
[Ha...don't you realize that there are less and less angels here, I can hardly even find an angel to play chess with anymore.]
[Have the human beings in Eden forgotten that the realm of angels still exists? Oh, I know why Michael is so nervous.]

The guy with grey hair wearing blue clothes is Michael; he looks quite shrewd, and is delivering a speech now!
[Our future Angel College students!  We have a zero-tolerance policy for the existence of evil!]
[These loathsome demons in hell have begun to endanger the safety of the innocents in Eden!!! The growth rate of souls which ascend to heaven has been dropping every year.]
[Lucifer , the source of all evil... who has brought disaster to Eden , must be fought, and he must be stopped before the current situation deteriorates too much.]
[I hope that all of you study hard in our Angel College so as to help the human beings in Eden and make them believe in the existence of justice!]
[Let's yell our slogan:To save Eden!]


[Aha..  I know what he is gonna do, he just wants to find an excuse to visit the human world and have some fun ]
[I think the beautiful scenery is my first choice!]
A female student with braids is holding an entertainment magazine saying.
[Hey,what you have said is too irresponsible, Eden is in such a mess and people there need our help~]
[I want to join Knightage Army of Aurora City to display my talents!]
A passionate male student with a butch haircut says
[What kind of army suits me?Craftwork and cooking are what I am good at, forget about combat study.]
[Gearwheels and Science are what I am interested in. Iron Castle is a good place I think~]
A student wears a pair of glasses and holds a thick book is thinking about what he wants to learn.

[I will be the next will...]

Everyone is talking about what they want to learn, and didn't notice that a student with confidence a smile said

[...replace him]