Ancient Den Discovery


Just recently the Exploration Society had come across an ancient underground den.  Their experts managed to decipher the carvings around the doorway, but were shocked by their discovery.  It seems that it must be the fabled Nightmare Cave; which is reputed to have the ability to absorb all of the pleasant dreams of the residents of Eden.  To keep the people safe no-one may enter the cave without first gaining the permission of the Exploration Association.  It is further suspected to be the hiding place of a fearsome un-named mob.  Inspector Samir and Gabor did the honorable thing and went down deep into the darkness to make a complete investigation of the situation.  They found the place to be over run by dream eating Devils, who excreted Dream Pieces after consuming them.  The Inspector and his pal need to collect these pieces if they are to truly discover the secret of the origin of the Evil Forces.


Way to enter Nightmare Cave:
Character limitation: above level 40

50,000 Angel coins are required to buy the Crypt Passport from the Exploration Assoc. Members.


Find the Exploration Assoc. Members in different areas of the map


They are located in:

Crashing Hillock

North of Mushroom Forest

Megalith Plain

South of Mirror Lake


Two elder angels want you to collect enough Dream Pieces and they also give you some advice in case of accident.

1. All the bosses' magic defense is very high, so physical attack is preferred.

2. The rebirth time for Ghost is 25 min.

3. Evil Chieftain: has ordinary skills. You only need to pay attention to your position and archer should control the attack damage. 

4. Soul Puller: Swordsman or Archer should offer the main attack damage. Since the boss has low attack power, your team only need 1 tank, but you should notice that there will appear man spider monsters after the boss's death. So the tank should manage the hate of these monsters so as to protect other low defense teammates from danger.

5. Bloody Hook: has relatively high attack power and high critical strike rate. you'd better challenge the boss after lvl 40, and recruit 2 healing teammates who need to take good care of the tank in your team and keep his HP above 1800, otherwise the continued critical strike will...

6. The most powerful boss in Nightmare Cave can initiate 3 times continued critical strike, so your tank must have high defense, and your team should prepare enough potions.

Dream Piece:

The function of the Dream Pieces

The Evil Boss will be summoned by the Demon Stone and on his defeat; he will drop 0~3 Dream Pieces (usually, 3 Dream Pieces are dropped,). After you have collected enough Dream Pieces, you can exchange them. The extra ability will be given to you after you have equipped yourself with complete sets.