Q: What are the system requirements for Angels Online?
A: Minimum System Requirements:OS:Win95/98/2000/ME/XP CPU: Pentium III 800 RAM:256MB Graphics Card: Should be compatible with DirectX 8.0 Sound Card: Should be compatible with DirectX 8.0, DirectX:  DirectX 8.0 Broad Band: ADSL HD Space: 1.5G Resolution: 800*600

Q:How to login to game?
A:Find the game icon on your desktop and click on it.


Q:How to install game?
A:Once you've finished download, you can click on the game client to finish the installation.


Q: Where to register IGG passport?
A: You can visit https://passport.igg.com/register?gid=9 
to take the registration.


Q: How to enter game?
A: There are five steps to take, register IGG passport->activate game->download game client->install game->login game.

 Q: Why does a prompt saying 'Version Error' pop up when I log into the game?
A: Make sure the version is appropriate. You can download an update file to update your game version.

Q: Why will the screen be vague or unclear when I use Alt+Enter to switch to full screen or window mode?
A: Adjust the computer resolution to 1024/768 and adjust color quality to 16 bits. How to do: move your mouse pointer to the desktop and right click to select attributes and then select settings to adjust.

Q: Why does a prompt saying 'map server hasn't started' pop up when I choose characters?
A: This problem is a system exception, please contact our customer service representatives and offer your locations and characters, names, and we will deal with this problem as soon as possible.

Q: How do I capture screenshots in game?
A: Press the print screen button to capture those pictures you want. Find these pictures in the cap folder which is in the Angels Online installation folder.

Q: Why can't I create a second or third character?
A:  You must buy a Role Card in the Item Mall.

Q: How do I change factions?
A: Find the Census Angel in Angel Lyceum to change your faction.

Q: Do the server branches make any difference to current game?
A: your character can play in both branch 1 and branch 2, but players in different branches will not meet each other.