Game Intro

Four Factions

[Aurora Faction]-Wide Sea , Fertilized Land and Brave Chevaliers.
The southside of "Aurora City" is Riprap Coast and the north of "Aurora City" is Fragment Plain.
The free sea transportation implies the country's open door policy. Unfortunately, in recent years many pirates have come here and created disorder in what was once a very harmonious environment. Villagers living in Cherry village that made their living by fishing have been constantly disturbed. So, the king has decided to recruit chevaliers in order to expel these loathsome pirates from here.  

[Steel Faction]-The Realm of High-Tech . The War Between Gebuer and Steel Faction Has Lasted Hundreds of Years.
They built the "Iron Castle" , and the reason why the "Iron Castle" can develop rapidly in the wide desert is because the Steel Faction use the mines in those barren mountains and terrestrial heat as their resources.
The east sentry blocks the way to the old city of Gebuer: Decadence City, the west of the castle is full of storms and quicksand. Gebuer forces hide in the gorge which is located in the northwest of the desert. It is said that scientists in "Iron Castle" are developing hovercrafts which can travel over the desert safely, so they can exterminate the Gebuer forces, however some young leaders in Gebuer are planning to take some action.   

[Shadow Faction]-Exists In the Dark. One Mysterious Realm.
They have resided in "Dark City" for generations, and they are good at excavating big caves .There is a mysterious deep hole, no one knows where it extends is said that there are two completely different legends about the hole.
Recently they are increasingly worried about the delay of finishing a project.

[Beast Faction]-They Belong to Nature. One Ancient and Mysterious Realm.
They reside in "Breeze Jungle", and they love the forest like they love themselves. They firmly believe that every tree in the forest stands for an ancestor's soul. Therefore they hate those giants who destroy the forest However, the Beast Faction can do nothing about the matter because the giants are too powerful. Nowadays, the elders of the Beast Faction have passed the kingship to the younger generation and these young leaders are trying to solve this thorny issue. But the elders don't seem to be able to agree on what to do.