The following animals come from four different regions and have been trained for people to ride.


Aurora City

Steed: In Aurora City horses are the chevaliers' preferred mounts. Owning a horse is an impressive accomplishment in the chevaliers' view (not to mention the fact that it makes you look cool.) 

Dark City

Lizard: They have very hard scales and is why the reaphook army is fond of them. They look quite awkward; however their speed is amazingly fast. 

Iron Castle

Tusk Boar: They can bear high temperatures, and are renowned for their durability.

Gerbil: They like eating magic grass roots. They usually stand quietly and stare when mages cast spells.

Breeze Jungle

Dark Wolf: They are so full of pride that only their own masters can ride them.

Raptor: They are relatively huge and their feathers are regarded as a totem by some tribes. They are very brave, and they never hesitate when it's time to fight.