Background Story

The leader of the Angel Lyceum, Michael, who designed the [Eden Cleanness Plan], has been very anxious recently. The shadow from the Evil Lyceum has become larger and larger. However, Angels in Eden have slowly forgotten their missions because of the comfortable life they've lived recently. The evil army may seize the chance and attack the Angel Lyceum.

In order to prevent the evil army's attack and make Angels become more powerful, Jabaly and Raphael, two Angels who've taken charge of all Angels' training courses, would like to open a new place for their training. It is the Holy Relic located on the frontier of Eden that hasn't been stained by the evil army. Jabaly and Raphael will recruit a group of Angels and compete with each other for a fixed time so that all Angels can become more and more powerful and defeat the evil army in the future.

Michael is very satisfied with the plan and has asked them to prepare for this new course. For the sake of love and peace, the fierce competition among Angels will begin soon.


Event Duration
It will be held on two fixed days each week. The event will be held twice each day and last for 1 hour at most.

Duration EST(GMT-5)
All ServerBranch 1


Event Location

The event will be held at [Holy Battlefield] in each server branch 1. Players are unable to use any [teleportation] item or the [Escape Potion] on the Holy Battlefield.