House System

House Party, as the name suggests, this version is less focused on monster killing and more focused on character personalization. This personalization has advanced from simple changes of clothes, and now extends to a house that players can purchase, as well as all the things that go in a character’s house. Sound interesting? Let’s take a glance at the brand new house system.


1.       House Types


House Type


Fine House

Garden Villa





House Model


 2.       Furniture styles


Furniture Styles


Outside Scenery


Wall Frame

Wall Pictures

Wall Decorations







Statues and Flags

Potted Flowers



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 3.House Attributes

There are 3 kinds of house attributes which have an effect on the house level.


Magic Index: The sum of all the furniture’s magic and the bonus depending on the furniture styles.


Cleanness Index: A house owner must keep their house clean or nobody will come to visit.


Popularity Index: House owners can raise their popularity if players vote for their house. Try to invite lots of friends to raise your profile in game.


4. House Functions

A house possesses different functions according to its level.


Ball System: According to the house level, a house owner can hold a ball to obtain certain amounts of Exp which is based on the number of participants who attend the ball. What’s more, all participants will obtain special abilities bonus as well.


Raise-a-Pet Room: In addition to the materials, production machines and Suft’s Mailbox, a house owner can raise also raise a number of pets in the house according to the house level, with the pets leveling up by themselves.


Monster Hatching Room: Depending on the house level, a house owner can place some special monster eggs inside the room to hatch into special monsters.


Mercenary System: According to the house level, a house owner can claim different Mercenary Wands from the Maid Eilian and then summon mercenaries to help them. (The mercenaries will not affect pets summoned by a Death Mage.)



If the info below doesn't match the info in game, the info in game will prevail.


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