Image Name Sort Location Coordinate Instruction
MichaelKey-NPCAngel Lyceum214.109Leader of Angel Lyceum, give the quest: top student training
Angel's TutorKey-NPCAngel Lyceum178.90Give out beginner's quests
Magic ProfessorKey-NPCAngel Lyceum210.80Teach magic knowledge
Battle ProfessorKey-NPCAngel Lyceum158.105Teach battle knowledge
Mine ProfessorKey-NPCAngel Lyceum189.40Teach mining knowledge
CupidSpecialAngel Lyceum153.75Set a renascence place
Weapon LecturerKey-NPCAngel Lyceum112.92Teach the knowledge of weapon manufacture
Armor LecturerKey-NPCAngel Lyceum103.97Teach the knowledge of armor manufacture
Sewing LecturerKey-NPCAngel Lyceum62.96Teach the knowledge of sewing
Art LecturerKey-NPCAngel Lyceum87.108Teach the knowledge of craft
Director WolayKey-NPCAngel Lyceum129.65Teach the knowledge of maps and quests
 SkillAngelKey-NPCAngel Lyceum204.96Help you change skills
Badge AngelSpecialAngel Lyceum186.54Exchange for prize (need badges)
Chief DirectorSpecialAngel Lyceum188.103Self storage
Repair AngelSpecialAngel Lyceum176.63Repair your equipment
 House PicketsSpecialAngel LyceumMovingTeach how to add friends
IronsmithSellerAngel Lyceum189.48Sell various production plans
ShopkeeperSellerAngel Lyceum130.86Sell weapons and armors
Magic SellerSellerAngel Lyceum158.105Sell various spell scrolls
Scroll SellerSellerAngel Lyceum210.80Sell sword, hammer, spear and bow stance scrolls