Angels Online: Guild


Since the AO Totem Skirmish opened to players, our little angels have been totally attracted to the PVP. To further entertain our players, the Totem Battle will be open to our players soon. In the Totem Battle, players will fight for their league and glory, and 1 league will defend their totem which stands for their power and the other needs to seize the totem. Along with growing your league, more players will be able to join your league. Meanwhile the league safe box will be open to players, and players can donate resources to the safe box so as to improve your leagues reputation.

Speaking of reputation, we must talk about players who choose production as their class. They play a significant role in improving the league reputation, because only they can collect resources. So the more of these players in your guild, the quicker your guild reputation will be improved.

Since some players may still not have a clear idea of how to found a league, we will tell you a little bit about it.


To found a league

1.      Find League Clerk (NPC) in each city


2.       Requirements

3.       Upgrade

4.      Found a League

5.       Enter Guild Name