PvP Build Theory

Issued On: Feb. 18, 2008


"Angel Credit" is used to measure Angels' performance in Eden. If you only kill monsters in Eden and contribute nothing to the world and community, your Credit would be relatively low, and Credit determines your Rank in Eden.

To Obtain Credit:

Do Quests: Accepting quests from NPCs and helping them solve various problems (some quests can be done repeatedly) is a stable way to obtain Credit.

PVP Battle: Participating in the upcoming Totem Battle or donating various materials to the Totem of your faction (building totem) will also enable you to obtain Credit.

Craft Recipe: Angels who belong to the production system can obtain Credit by making goods according to the craft recipe they collect.

To Obtain Credit in the Fighting System: Finishing quests and killing enemies during the PVP battle.

To Obtain Credit in the Production System: Craft recipes and building the totem for your faction.

Rank Title  Required Credit
1 Growing Power 0
2 Ordinary Preacher 1000
3 Devotional Preacher 2400
4 Order Apostle 4500
5 Evangelic Archangel 8500
6 Holy Dedicator 17000
7 God as Lawyer 33000
8 Rainbow Guide 60000
9 Disseminator of Justice 103000
10 Punisher of Justice 170000
11 Hope of Eden 280000
12 Angel of Justice 457000
13 Archon of Justice 730000
14 Hero of Eden 1130000


Rank Functions:

1.      Enables you to accept certain main quests.

2.      Enables you to buy special items, recipes, robots, and equipment from traders.

3.      Enables you to enjoy a discount in the shop