Five Classes of Combat System


With our players' strong support, the Angels Online Open Beta Test has been going smoothly for over 1 month. Today we will give you a little preview of the Combat System.


Combat System have five classes, Warrior, Protector, Spearman, Swordsman and Archer.

Protector: The best offense is a good defense. Protectors are good at using shields to build defensive walls for their companions.

Skills: Melee Attack, Enhance, Grapple, Shield, Reserve, Plate Armor

Warrior: Waving a hammer and an axe to attack enemies for great damage. In close combat, Warriors usually appear on the front line.

Skills: Melee Attack, Enhance, Grapple, Reserve, Finesse, Plate Armor

Spearman: Good at using spears. Spearmen excel at long distance attacks and can strike enemies with a lethal blow before they even know who's attacking them.

Skills: Spear, Enhance, Grapple, Reserve, Finesse, Plate Armor

Swordsmen: Swordsmen are the mobile force of the army because of their outstanding agility and fast movement speed. They excel at sword techniques which increases the possibility of their long term survival.

Skills: Sword, Enhance, Grapple, Reserve, Finesse, Plate Armor

Archer: Sharp eyes, strong arms and fast movement speed. Archers are good at long distance attacks.

Skills: Longbow, Reserve, Finesse, Snipe, Eagle Eye, Leather Armor

Skills in close combat are preferred for players who enjoy the fun brought by participating in battle. Besides, in future territory battles, classes of close combat are critically important. Skills in close combat are Sword skill, Axe and Hammer skills, Spear skill, Enhance skill, Grappling skill, Shield Protection skill, Reserving skill, Finesse skill and Garment skill.

Thanks for your continued support.