Beginner's Guide

Angel's Choices

After graduating from the Angel Lyceum, it is time for little angels to find jobs. There are four cities for players to start their new angel lives in the game. They are Dark City, Breeze Jungle, Aurora City and Iron Castle. Little angels should pay attention to every city's characteristic and quests. Of course, you can find a city angel if you want to go back to the Angel Lyceum. For example, the angel of Aurora City is called the Aurora City Angel and the NPC of Dark City is called the Dark City Angel.

Mysterious City surrounded by limitless darkness-Dark City
It is the habitat of the Shadow Faction. They believe that they are descendants of an excellent ancient race. As to the mysterious Bottomless Pit in Dark City, there are two different legends. No matter if the legend is good or not, the people of the Shadow Faction are still curious. Caves dug by them are large and impressive. The Subway Company, which was founded recently, is in trouble of delaying the project.

Original City circled by ancient traditions and mysterious magic-Breeze Jungle
It is the habitat of the Beasts Faction. They love forests and they believe that every tree in the forest is an ancestor's soul. They hate giants who destroy forests. However, they have to protect their forests by sacrificing because of the gap of power. Now the presbyter has passed the kingship to a young leader and he will deal with the problem. However, the fossil elders don't agree with the young leader's style.

A City of Knights' surrounded by the ocean and rich soil-Aurora City
The city, which is ruled by the Aurora Faction, reaches Riprap Coast in its south and Fragment Plains in its north. The farming is developed, the sea transportation is free and the management is open in the city. However, the southern coastline has not been peaceful in recent years because of the Riprap Pirates. Cherry Village has suffered a great deal from it. At the suggestion of the Prime Minister, the King has begun to recruit new knights and will soon deal with the problem along the southern coastline.

A High-tech city refined by iron and fire-Iron Castle
It is a developed city founded by the Iron Faction. It uses abundant mines and terrestrial heat in the desert as fuels. The black castle in the desert is unexpected but also reasonable. The sentry in the east of the city blocks off the passage to [Decadence City], old capital of the Gebuers. To the west is the Burning Desert which is filled with unending storms and quicksand. The fugitive Gebuers are hiding in the canyon in the northwest of the desert. At present, scientists in Iron Castle are searching for a hovercraft which can fly through the quicksand and so they can annihilate all the Gebuers. However, the young leader of the Gebuers is ready for something.