Marriage Quest Introduction

Issued On: Apr. 29, 2008

Marriage Quest:

After the releasing of expansion, players can get this quest from the Marriage Angel in the Angel Lyceum. There are two different quests for the groom and bride.


a) Groom Quest

You should talk with the Star Soul in Cactus Plain and get the quest. You will be given Sunlight Tear as a reward after finishing the quest. Then submit both the Sunlight Tear and Dew Crystal from your beloved to the Marriage Angel to get the necessities for the wedding.


b) Bride Quest:

Look for the Dewy Flower and help her to deal with her difficulties to get the Dew Crystal. After that, you need to give the Dew Crystal to your beloved.


2. Wedding Process:

1) There are two different wedding ceremonies: Simple Wedding and Luxurious Wedding. To make a Luxurious Wedding you should buy special item from the Item Mall while holding a Simple Wedding does not. But both of these wedding ceremonies will be held in the church.


a) Simple Wedding:

To the left of the church, the wedding scene opened for all. There are some necessities such as an altar and bench there. And of course, the Newbie Priest is also there to provide the wedding for the players!


b) Luxurious Wedding:

In the center of the church it’s a luxurious scene for wedding ceremony. To enter here, players should get special item from Item Mall first and the NPC Abba will preside over the luxurious wedding. Further more, Michael will bless all players at the wedding. They will obtain Michael's Blessing to increase to 300 their MAX HP and 250 MAX SP. Both of the players’ physical and spell attacks will be increased by 10% while physical and spell damage will be decreased by 10%. All of these effects will last 2 hours.


2) Steps:

a) Talk with NPC to initiate the wedding system.



(1) Groom should have both the Sunlight Tear and the Dew Crystal.

(2) Groom and bride should present them at the church during the wedding. (Don't get too close to the NPC )

(3) Groom and bride should be single. (Duh!)

(4) The wedding ceremony cannot be held with other ceremonies at the same time.


b) The groom will see a dialogue box: Say Yes!


c) The bride will see a dialogue box: Say Yes!


d) Exchange Rings:

(1) The Groom and bride should have a bag with empty spaces.

(2) The System will take the Sunlight Tear and Dew Crystal back.

(3) The System will send a notice to the groom and bride about exchanging rings.

Wedding Rings can only be given to the two targets who want to get married. The rings cannot be deleted and will last 10 minutes.


e) Grooms and brides should exchange rings by trading.


f) Grooms and brides will get an Angel Ring after the trade. The Angel Ring has both teleport and summoning functions.


g) Finish the marriage formalities.


Live happily ever after!!