Dessert Egg Lucky Bag & Pet System Adjustments

Issued On: Feb. 1, 2024
  1. A. Event Title
  2. Dessert Egg Lucky Bag & Pet System Adjustments
  3. B. Details
  4. 1. Item Mall [Pet] sale [Dessert Egg Lucky Bag].
  5. ※April 27 2023 (Thursday, after maintenance)
  6. 2. The sale of [Empress Egg Lucky Bag] will cease after the update maintenance.
  7. ※April 27 2023 (Thursday, after maintenance)
  8. Angel Lyceum NPC [Pet Expert]: added Lv. 340 pet equipment and pet gem exchange.


C. New Item




Dessert Egg Lucky Bag

Open it to get one of the following things randomly:
Dessert Egg *1

Empress Egg *1

Bull Egg *1

S-Fusion Pet EGG (5) *1

AdvancedBlood Certificate *1

Witch Egg *1

Demonic Egg *1

Special Pet Egg (7) *1

MediumBlood Certificate *1

Improved Pet Feed *1

Pet's Shapeshift Preview Scroll *5

Shape Fusion Potion *5

1.2 Billion Pet Bonus Voucher *1

Pet Feed *5

Pet's 4X EXPCard (30 min) *2

Mega Pet's Potion Egg *1

Dessert Egg

Dessert Egg will grow into different forms according to different educational policies.

S-Fusion Pet EGG (5)

Open it to get one of the following things randomly:
Fusion Pet Fanholder Fox

Fusion Pet Glowlake Kappa

Fusion Pet Mechanical Owl

Fusion Pet Lantern Chacha

Fusion Pet Twilight Guardian Kaz

Fusion Pet Ruby Shooter

Fusion Pet Brown Shoe Spy

Fusion Pet Spiritfire Knight

Fusion Pet Chainsaw Stalker

Special Pet Egg (6)

Open it to get one of the following things randomly:
Arcana Egg *1

Abysston Egg *1

Herm egg *1

Queena Egg *1

Monkey Egg *1

Bunbun Egg *1

Kitty Egg *1

Avidia Egg *1

Eagle Egg *1

Drake Egg *1

Mega Pet's Potion Egg

Open to get one of the following:
Mega Pet's Assault Potion*10
Mega Pet's Defense Potion*10
Mega Pet's Magus Potion*10
Mega Pet's Shell Potion*10


D. Dessert Egg

Final Pet Name


Banana Milk Chief

Matcha Chief

Tea Rabbit

Yam Cookie

Chocolate Cookie