Festive Madness! Wave 1: Shopping Deals

Issued On: Dec. 21, 2023

A. Event Title
Festive Madness! Wave 1: Shopping Deals

B. Event Duration
December 21 2023 (Thursday, after maintenance) –December 28 2023 (Thursday, before maintenance), total of 7 days

C. Particioants
All players from all servers

D. Details
Festive Carnival! In order to thank all of you who have supported Angels Online all the way, we are holding a special festive sale. This week, all items in the Lucky Bag, Pet, Function, and Special [Potion] categories in the Item Mall are discounted by 50%!

There will be different 50% off promotions every week! These special offers will last until 01/11. Let's celebrate the upcoming festive holidays together!