2023 Summer Strife-6rd Annual Melonfest Results

Issued On: Aug. 3, 2023

1. Event Duration

2023 Summer Strife-Cool Watermelon Tally
August 8 2023 (Thursday, after maintenance)-August 10 2023 (Thursday, before maintenance)

2. Event Intro

Thanks a melon...OuO

Once again, thank you Angels for enthusiastically participating in this year's Melonfest! We hope you had a great time this year too!

This week, we will enter the final tally, and my sister [Wendy] will also end her hide-and-seek game with everyone and come to Angel Lyceum to help tally the total number of drinks made this year! Which team will be the winner of the 2023 Summer Strife - 6th Annual Melonfest? Which summer Suit Egg will be on a 20% discount? Let's wait and see!


3. Details

1. You can no longer obtain 「Magic Watermelon Seeds 2023」 from enemies above Level 21.

2. 「Walter-Purple」no longer offers exchange for [Cooling Ocean Watermelon 2023] and [Summer Violet Watermelon 2023].

3. The sister of 「Walter-Purple」, 「Wendy」, is no longer playing hide-and-seek with players or granting achievements related to it. She has returned to the Angel Lyceum to calculate the results of the Cool Watermelons for each team with her brother, [Astred].