Ordinary Rabbit Egg Lucky Bag Sale

Issued On: Jan. 5, 2023

A. Event Title

Ordinary Rabbit Egg Lucky Bag Sale

B. Details

1. Item Mall [Pet] sale [Ordinary Rabbit Egg Lucky Bag].

※January 5, 2023 (Thursday, after maintenance)

2. The [Adventure Egg Lucky Bag] will no longer be sold after the update maintenance.

※January 5, 2023 (Thursday, after maintenance)

3.  Added an Ordinary Rabbit Egg’s Pet's Training achievement.

C. New Item




Ordinary Rabbit Egg Lucky Bag

Open it to get one of the following things randomly:
Ordinary Rabbit Egg *1
Adventure Egg *1
Demonic Egg *1
S-Fusion Pet EGG (3) *1
AdvancedBlood Certificate *1
Easter Egg *1
Beast Egg *1
Special Pet Egg (5) *1
MediumBlood Certificate *1
Improved Pet Feed *1
Pet's Shapeshift Preview Scroll *5
Shape Fusion Potion *5
1.2 Billion Pet Bonus Voucher *1
Pet Feed *5
Pet's 4X EXPCard (30 min) *2
Mega Pet's Potion Egg *1

Ordinary Rabbit Egg

An Ordinary Rabbit Egg. The pet's form varies with the training method.