Unveiling the Mystery of the Lucky Bags’ Probability

Issued On: Nov. 24, 2022

Hello, angels! Thank you for your love and support for Angels Online for the past 14 years. From here on, we will indicate the probability of obtaining items sold at the Item Mall. 

We understand that it is crucial to keep the items’ probability transparent to maintain the trust and support of our angels. To this end, we will be adjusting the descriptions of all the Lucky Bags, Eggs, and Boxes sold at the Item Mall after the Warring Realm version update to indicate the items’ names, quantity, and the rate of obtaining them. Details are as follows:


●Example of Lucky Bag and Egg descriptions:


●Example of Box description:


This change only applies to all current and future Lucky Bags, Eggs, and Boxes sold at the Item Mall. Descriptions of previously launched items will not be affected. Once again, thank you for your support. Happy gaming!