Warring Realm Version Update Notice

Issued On: Nov. 24, 2022
1. Added: Updated the [Warring Realm] Volume.
2. Added: New [Warring Realm] locations. The Warring Realm area can be accessed from [Dawn Harbor].
3. Adjusted: Max Character Lv has been increased to Lv 440.
4. Added: New Spells and Stances. Scrolls of new Spells and Stances can be bought at the new location [Busy Market].
5. Added: The [Busy Market Scroll] is now sold at the Item Mall (Special Teleport category) for 3 AG.
6. Adjusted: Displayed reward rate of mall packs.
7. Adjusted: Optimized the descriptions of Spells and Stances, such as [Chain Lightning], [Maim Shot], [Osmose Arrow], [First Path], [Third Spirit], [Lightning Arrow], and [Unfettered Rage].
8. Added: [Angel Baby] supplies ([Wind Arrow(P)], [Unicorn Arrow(P)], [Enhanced Red Potion 5], and [Enhanced Blue Potion 5]).
9. Adjusted: Added [Chilly Village Scroll] exchange to [Daily Events Clerk].
10. Fixed: Manufacturing Skill interface’s display issue.