Midsummer Rush

Issued On: Jul. 29, 2022

A. Event Title

Midsummer Rush

B. Event Duration

Before Midsummer Festival

2022.07.28 (Thursday, after maintenance) to 2022.08.25 (Thursday, before maintenance)

※Limited-time event

C. Participants

Every player on every server.

D. Event Intro

During the summer vacation, players have assisted Dr. Lance in breeding a rare dinosaur egg and saving the Dino Hatchling within. With the 5th Melonfest around the corner,  we wish to reward all angels for their participation by holding the [Summer Rush Event]! During the 3-week event, all EXP gained, Collection Speed, and Manufacturing Speed will be 3X!

Let’s see which team will win this year’s Melonfest!

E. Details

1. Character EXP will be 3X.

2. Skill EXP will be 3X.

3. Pet EXP will be 3X.

4. Collection Speed will be 3X.

5. Manufacturing Speed will be 3X.