Dino Egg Rescue Quest - End

Issued On: Jul. 29, 2022

A. Event Title

Dino Egg Rescue Quest - End

B. Event Duration

July 28, 2022 (Thursday, after maintenance) – August 4, 2022 (Thursday, before maintenance)

C. Participants

Every player on every server.

D. Event Intro

Owing to the angel's tender care, the Dino Hatchling can finally leave the Dino Egg Hideout! After transporting the Dino Hatchling to Angel Lyceum, [Dr. Lance] will remain there for a week. Make sure to exchange your remaining [Dino Eggshell] and [Molted Dino Skin] with him before he leaves!

E. Details

1. After the event, you can no longer visit the Dino Hatchling via NPC [Dr. Lance]. He will only provide item exchange services.

2. After the event, the NPC [Dino Hatchling] will remain in Angel Lyceum.