Collection Box Key Bag On Sale

Issued On: Jul. 20, 2022

A. Event Title
Collection Box Key Bag On Sale

B. Event Duration
 July 20 2022(Thursday, after maintenance)- August 4 2022 (Thursday, before maintenance)

C. Particioants
Every player on every server.

D. Details
1. During this event, you can buy [Collection Box Key Bag] from the Item Mall.

E. New Item



Collection Box Key Bag

Open to get one of the following:

Collection Box Key *1

Ticket of Attribute Lucky Hammer  *10

Charm Gem Voucher *10

Lucky Enhanced Pestle Voucher *10

Lucky Enhanced Pestle Ticket *10

Lucky Hammer Ticket *10

Lucky Hammer Voucher *10

High EffectRecovery Notice *2

DeathNotice *2

Super Broadcasting *2

Eclipse Attack Scroll *1

Eclipse Defense Scroll *1

Eclipse Beat Scroll *1

Eclipse Prevention Scroll *1

1 Billion EXP Voucher *2

200000 Skill Bonus Voucher *2