2X Summer Event

Issued On: Jun. 9, 2022

A. Event Title

2X Summer Event

B. Event Duration

2X EXP in Daily Party

2X EXP in Angel Elementary

2X EXP in Holy Battlefield

50% off Angel Arena entry fee

June 09, 2022 (Thursday, after maintenance) – June 30, 2022 (Thursday, before maintenance). 28 days in total.

C. Participants

Every player on every server.

D. Event Intro

This June, Archangel Michael is holding a summer event that offers 2X EXP, 2X Skill EXP, and 2X Credits to all players taking part in the Daily Party, Angel Elementary, and Holy Battlefield events. Meanwhile, the Angel Arena entry fee will be reduced by half. This event lasts until June 30. Let’s spend the joyous summer together! 


*Players will obtain twice the EXP and/or Credits offered by the relevant events.

*Example: The Holy Battlefield event originally does not provide any Credits. At the end of the event, players will only obtain 2X EXP and 2X Skill EXP without any Credits.