[Celestia] Version Update Notice

Issued On: May. 12, 2022
1. Added: Official [Celestia] volume update.
2. Added: [Celestia] map. Can be accessed through the Celestia region at the upper-left corner of [Joaquin].
3. Adjusted: Increased Character Level limit to 420.
4. Added: New Skill slot (PLV 20) for [Supreme Level]:
5. Added: New Spells and Stances. New Spell Scrolls and Stance Scrolls will be sold at [Chilly Village].
6. Added: [Chilly Village Scroll] (29 AG) will be sold at the Item Mall’s [Special - Teleport category].
7. Added: Arrow supplies for [Angel Guard Elf].
8. Adjusted: Added [Desolate City Scroll] exchange to [Daily Events Clerk].
9. Adjusted: Optimized the descriptions of the following Stances: [Debilitating Thrust], [Bloodthirsty Air], [Shatterbone Strike], [Electric Spear], [Piercing Blade], [Death Threat], [Bevy Raid], [Brittle Bones].
※Only the descriptions are adjusted. The Stances’ attribute values and effects remain unchanged.
10. Adjusted: Classification of Quests’ sub-categories in the Achievement list. Merged several versions’ Quest lists.
11. Released 16 new types of Pet’s Fusion, 8 types of Pet’s Training, and related Achievements.