End of Easter Area

Issued On: May. 5, 2022

A. Event Title

End of Easter Area

B. Event Duration

April 6, 2022 (Wednesday, after maintenance)- May 5, 2022 (Thursday, before maintenance)

※Limited-Time Event

C. Participants

Every player on every server.

D. Event Intro

Thank you for your participation! The Easter Area event has ended. Please stay tuned to the upcoming major game update [Celestia]!

E. Details

1. NPC-Area Guide (159, 83) will leave Angel Lyceum after the event.

2. [Easter Area Tickets] can no longer be used.

3. 2021 Taurus Lucky Bags will no longer grant [Easter Area 6-hr Tickets].

4. Lucky Bags related to the Easter Area event will no longer be obtainable after the event.

5. The monsters and materials at Easter Area will vanish.