Sacred Minds 2021

Issued On: Sep. 29, 2021

A. Event Title
Sacred Minds 2021

B. Event Duration
September 29, 2021 (Thursday, after maintenance)-October 21, 2021 (Thursday, before maintenance).

C. Participants
Every player on every server.

D. Event Intro
Nearly a month has passed since the new school term started.
To empower the wisdom of angels, Archangel Michael will be holding the Sacred Minds 2021 contest. Simply join the [Angel Elementary] within the 3-week period to participate. Players who reach the top 30 in ranking will obtain the [Sacred Card Lucky Bag (2)], which contains a wide variety of rare cards!

E. Details

1. Players may join the [Angel Elementary] every day during the event. Be one of the top 30 players in ranking to obtain rewards such as the [Dailies Copper Coin] and [Sacred Card Lucky Bag (2)].

2. Players may stand a chance to obtain one of the listed rare cards from the [Sacred Card Lucky Bag].



Sacred Card Lucky Bag (2)

Open for a chance to get one of the following:

Bloody Hoof Card

Belia Card

Stolen Motor Card

Lucid Material Card

Maid Eilian Card

Card of Godly Ted

Dancing Girl Bonnie Card

Moth King Turna Card

Knight Clarc Card

Earl Makice Card

Palace Guardian Card

Music Merman Card

Iron-Shell Worm Card

Death Sail Card

Linberd Elder Card

Card of Fanged Vine Snake

Grass Goblin Card

Wistaria Elf Card

Purple Mushroom Card

One-Eyed Bat Card

Card of Stinging Crab

Desert Worm Card

Orangutan Mother Card

Tusk Boar Card

White Wolf Card