《Desolate Sea》 Modified Version News

Issued On: Jun. 10, 2021



1. Added: Official release of the [Desolate Sea] expansion pack.


2. Added: New [Desolate Sea] map. Desolate Sea is accessible via the right side of [Palm Base].


3. Modified: Maximum character level is Lv. 410.


4. Added: [Supreme Level] System
*For more details, please refer to the report at the official Angels Online website: [All-New Modified Version Content - Supreme Level]


5. Added: New Spells and Skills with the relevant scrolls available for sale at the new [Desolate City] map.


6. Added: The [Desolate City Scroll] is now available for sale for 29 Angel Gold under the Item Mall’s Special and Teleport categories.


7. Added: [Angel Guard Elf]’s arrow supplies.


8. Modified: [Daily Party Host]’s new exchange item - [Galaxia Scroll].