Game Adjustments

Issued On: Aug. 13, 2020

A. Event Title
Game Adjustments

B. Details

1. The [2020 Summer Strife-3rd Annual Melonfest] has officially ended and entered the calculation phase. Players will no longer be able to obtain [Magic Watermelon Seeds 2020]. Prize exchange will commence next week and the winning team will be announced. During the prize exchange, players may also exchange their remaining [Magic Watermelon Seeds 2020] for watermelons of their registered team. The winning team will be able to exchange for [Enchanted-Leather Flying Gear Set (Male)] and [Enchanted-Leather Flying Gear Set (Female)].

2. Due to the overwhelming response of the [2020 Summer Strife-3rd Annual Melonfest], the Archangel Michael will grant players with 3x EXP and 3x Skill EXP for 7 days.

3. Fixed the accessibility issue between the [Dragon Graveyard], [Thorn Wasteland], and [Territory Area IV]. Players will no longer be able to enter [Farm] through [Territory Area IV].

4. Fixed the issue whereby players were able to obtain items from defeating the Boss [General Morris]’s summoned creatures in the [Bouleuterion] quest: [Final Battles in the Sky].