2013 Taurus Lucky Bag!

Issued On: Apr. 16, 2013

It's time to unveil the 2013 Taurus Lucky Bags! Be sure to check them out, because these bags are simply chockfull of wonderful things, such as Lvl 170 Special Mounts, Lvl 165 Jade Green Weapons, Lvl 160 Jade Green Boxes, Eagle Eggs, Enchanted-Green Apple Headphones and Top Super V Voucher, as well as other goodies!

NOTE: On April 22nd at 00:59 EDT, the top five purchasers of taurus lucky bags across all servers shall receive a special reward – they can select one item that can be found in the lucky bags as a bonus! We will put up a list of the top ten purchasers on the official homepage and the list will be updated daily. When the event ends, we will send emails to the winners to ask them to select an item. Once we receive a reply, we will send the item out within 24 hours.

Adorable Little Introductions!
Pink Alpaca

Preview for New Weapons and Equipments

Lvl 165 Jade Green Weapons

Lvl 165 Jade Green Boxes
Jade Green-Level 160Top Heavy Armor Box

Jade Green-Level 160Top Light Box

Jade Green-Level 160Top Gown Box

The Angels Online Team