Using Lucky Hammers On Rides

Issued On: Jun. 18, 2012

Lately, we've received reports about players not being able to use Lucky Hammers on their Rides. So now we shall give an introduction on how to use the Lucky Hammers.

All our Lucky Hammers (including normal Lucky Hammers and fixed attribute Lucky Hammers) give at the most, five green attributes, whether they are used individually or together. This is a fixed setting in the game.

Note: If you use a normal Lucky Hammer first, it might affect the type of fixed attribute Lucky Hammer you can use next. Lucky Ride Feeds are not subjected to this limitation.


A normal Lucky Hammer was used on this Ride, and it gained 3 green attributes. You can use up to 2 other kinds of Lucky Hammers (on top of Movement Speed Lucky Hammer) on this Ride!

The Angels Online Team