Being Online to Get Double Skill Exp Cards

Issued On: Aug. 4, 2010

With player's facing fiercer challenges in our brand new expansion, we've decided to hold the "Being Online to Get Double Skill Exp Cards" event in game to help everyone power up before diving into the new scenes. All qualified players will obtain Double Skill Exp Cards from us, which will help them level up faster and enjoy the amazing new features from the expansion sooner. All you need to do is be online and the rewards are yours!

Event Targets
All players below Level 80 are welcome to participate! I want to sign up now!

Event Duration
It will start after the server maintenance on March 14th and last until the next weekly maintenance.
All players should sign up to join our event first.

Event Rules
After the event starts, players must be online for a total of 30 hours that week to receive rewards. Rewards will be given out the following week after total times are established.

Event Reward
Players below Level 60 will obtain 28 Double Skill Exp Cards (30mins) if they are online for a total of 30 hours in a week, while Level 61-80 players will obtain 42 Double Skill Exp Cards (30mins). You can claim the reward from Bao Clerk within 3 working days after the next maintenance.

Item Description
Exclusive for players below Level 80. Use it to obtain double skill exp by defeating monsters within the effective time.

The Angels Online Team