Pet System Introduction


Pet System

During battle, your pets can not only help you to fight against monsters, but also can level up and become more and more powerful.

Pet Eggs

[Water Elf's Egg][Fire Elf's Egg][Wind Elf's Egg][Earth Elf's Egg]:All these eggs can be obtained from Pet Experts in each faction.
[Brute's Egg][Beast's Egg][Nature's Egg]:All these eggs can be obtained from monsters.

Wind Elf                                                                             

The Development of Pets


* Pets can level up by killing monsters.

* Players' level will affect their pets' level. (Pets' level can't exceed their masters' level)

* The growth direction of your pet depends on how you treat it.

Pets will experience 4 phases (Egg-> Junior Pet-> Secondary Pet-> Advanced Pet ) in their entire lives.  
* Egg:At this phase, the pet's appearance is an egg, and it can fight and level up, no matter what kinds of eggs it is, their abilities are the same.
* Junior Pet:The pet will break out of the egg shell when it reaches level 15.
* Secondary Pet: When the pets' level is 35+, players can buy a Medium Blood Certificate from the Item Mall, and use it to change their pets into a secondary pet.
* Advanced Pet: When the pets' level is 65+, players should buy a special item to change their pets into an advanced pet, but the special item hasn't been released.

Water Elf

* Whenever pets are ready to advance to a higher rank, they will have three directions to choose.
* After choosing their directions, pets' abilities will also develop differently, and will be endowed with extra skills according to their development direction. 

* Whenever pets advance to a higher rank, they can learn a new skill, and they are able to learn 3 skills at most.
* Whenever a pet's level has increased by 10, the power of their skills will be increased by 1 rank.(If pets keep increasing their level, the power of their skills will be improved as well)

The State of Pets

* The upper limit of Intimacy is 100, and their intimacy will be increased by 1 every 10 minutes when they are summoned.
* When a pet dies, the intimacy will be decreased according to their level. The higher level the pets are, the more intimacy they will lose.
* If their intimacy is less than 40, when the pets are revived they may escape. The lower their intimacy is, the higher the chance they will escape. 

* The upper limit of Satiation is 100, and their satiation will be decreased by 1 every 72 seconds. If the pets' satiation is 0, they won't obtain experience, and their intimacy will be decreased by 1 every 10 minutes.      
* Players can buy "Senior Pet Food" from the Item Mall which will increase the satiation to 500.

Pets' AI
* Aggressive: If a monster comes within range of the pet, the pet will move to attack  the monster. It will help its master attack monsters too. But if the pet's HP is less than a certain number, the pet will stop attacking, and rest.

* Defensive: The pet will respond if attacked but otherwise won't act, and it will help its' master attack monsters too.

* Passive: The pet just follows its master, when it is attacked, it will escape.

Earth Elf


Pet Death

* The pets' experience and intimacy will be decreased when they are dead.
* Players should find Pet Experts in anyone of the four main cities or the Angel Lyceum, and ask the pet expert to revive their pets.

* If the pet is wearing the Pet Amulet, which can be bought from the Item Mall, the pet's HP will be full again when its' HP is 0, but the amulet will disappear.

* The pet will be reclaimed automatically when its master is dead.


Experience Gem

* The pet can obtain an extra 25% experience if it carries experience gem. The extra experience will be stored in the gem and by using it the master can obtain the  experience.

* Right click the experience gem, and then select the pet, and words of the experience gem will start shining and display the largest amount of experience the gem can store.(After using it, the gem will disappear)

* When the experience the gem reaches capacity, the contribution button will begin shining, and when players click it, the experience stored in the gem will be added to the player. (The experience can't be given to players if it hasn't reached the capacity of the gem.)

* There are three kinds of experience gems 50000,100000,200000.


* You can carry as many pets as you want, but you can only summon one pet.

* Right click the pet in the item bag you want to summon, click it again to store it.
* If players want to summon another pet to replace the current one, they need to wait  for a while after they've summoned the first one.

* Put the pet icon in the hotkey bar, and click the corresponding key from F1 to F12, and the pet will be summoned. Click it again to store it.

* A pet can be traded, but there is a limited time.

* If the pet is traded, its' intimacy will return to 40. If the pet has an experience gem,
the experience it stores will be 0.


Summon Pet
* The pet icon in item bag will appear blue color when it is summoned.
Store Pet
* Right click the pet icon again to store it.

Pet Trade
* Pets can be traded, but there is a limited time.
* Dead pets can't be traded.
* After being traded, Pets' intimacy will be decreased.

Secondary Fire Elf

Secondary Water Elf

Secondary Earth Elf

Secondary Wind Elf