The Pharaoh Instance

Claw Your Way through the Armies of the Fallen Pharaohs!
Masters of lies and deception, it should come as no surprise that the demons of the Evil Lyceum managed to convince the current Queen of the Bassil Empire to dispose of the previous Pharaoh and steal the legendary secret of the ancient kings. The demons had found the perfect partner in their quest to discover the energy that had powered the golden age of the Bassil Empire. Using her remarkable charisma, the Queen charmed the Pharaoh Ottenkhamun and used him to summon forth an army of the undead to search for the source of the power that radiated from the depths of the Great Pyramid!
After receiving reports of strange events in the desert, Archangel Michael discovered how close to their goal the demons were, and vowed not to let them plunge the world into darkness. He sent out the call, requesting the help of the strongest Angels in Eden and the Lyceum to follow him into battle against evil one more time. Knowing what they faced in the harsh unforgiving desert, Michael simply told them 'Seek out Pharaoh Ottenkhamun in the Unknown Chambers, destroy his embalmed body, and then make it out again in one piece.'
But that was all he would tell them, and many were left wondering the obvious - What other dangers lurked in the dusty passages of the Great Pyramid? What foul creatures protected the dead Pharaoh? How many would come back out into the blazing desert sun alive...?

The Roar of the Sphinx
The Sphinx has been know for a thousand years as the wise and terrifying boss that takes great pleasure in broiling its victims alive. Inflicting this curse upon warriors from time to time, it slowly bleeds off HP until the victim is dead or severely weakened. However, there is a remedy for this intense malady ? cleansing with cool water from the water basin. Held as a symbol of wisdom by the people, the sphinx upholds its reputation by posing questions during battle. Adventurers must stand on the platform that represents the correct answer to avoid a fate that many say is worse than death! Sound pretty bad? It gets worse. The Sphinx also possesses single target skills that can cause grievous amounts of damage to specific players over a 3 second period.

Queen Cleopatra - Beautiful and Deadly
Ramp up your part's magical defenses before facing the ultimate Queen ? Cleopatra! A skilled spellcaster, Cleopatra casts a self-AOE poison attack that does massive damage over time! Her arsenal includes suicide minions that explode upon contact, dealing area damage to a target and its surroundings. Also watch carefully for her berserk summons. They are harmless at first but deal increasing amounts of damage over time. When critically wounded, she will summon snakes to strengthen her attacks. Make sure to clear all these snakes before she powers up to a one-hit kill status that ignores all defenses!

Dancing With Ottenkhamun
To unwary adventurers, attempting Ottenkhamun is a deadly dangerous task. Everyone in the party must know their roles in battle to make the fight as efficient as possible. Watch out for Ottenkhamun's curses; these curses are stackable and they deal massive damage when they take effect. The best thing to do if you get hit with a couple of these is to lay low for a bit. Ottenkhamun can also ignite the entire battlefield up in a July 4th-like series of explosions, so be careful, watch closely, and see if you can anticipate his moves.