Collecting Memories, One Weapon at a Time


Hot Key: Ctrl + B

Think way back, as far back as you can, to the first weapon you wielded. The promises its sharp blade made of adventure and excitement, and the emotions it conjured when it struck home on some evil monster. As you grew from a fresh faced newbie into a fearsome warrior, you probably traded that beloved weapon in for something bigger and more powerful. But did you ever forget about it completely?

We know how attached player can be to their in game avatars, and the equipment they spend countless hours searching for and then upgrading. Our new album function has been designed to let players capture and keep these beloved memories to look back on with pride and a sense of accomplishment. Laid out in an easy to understand format, with categories for types, item grades, equipment and attire; each entry is indicative of hard fought battles and in game growth.
Of course, like any record of accomplishments, it will take some time and persistence to get your album going. So start loading your 'memories' into our directory and and lay the foundation for a formidable collection now!