Dailies - Partying with the Angels

A Wholesome Way to Start the Day!
There's so much more to look forward to in your career as an Angel! If you're just starting out and you're baffled by all the content on offer in the world of halos and holy wings, then give our new dailies system a try today!

3 basic benefits of the new dailies system
Trial run - We've shortened some of our longer quests so you can experience them quickly, without the usual grind.
Easy start - Dailies are simple to complete and give you the chance to quickly rack up EXP and rewards.
Jump-start your career - Get to know the kinds of bad guys you'll be fighting and learn the best team configurations. Everything you'll need to know to do the full length quests can be learned by completing the dailies!

The Dailies - As the name suggests, these refer to special events or activities held once each day. Dailies are fun to play and offer great rewards for simple feats and tasks. Do away with complex sign-up procedures and what not, because these dailies are designed to be fun and hassle-free! For easy access, we've boiled down the process to a simple liner which displays the task available that day. If it looks like something you'd enjoy, all it takes is a quick click before the time expires!

Dailies usually last from 6pm to 9pm, everyday, without fail. Here's a list of what you can expect from our daily events and activities: 

Event 1: The Battle of the Fittest! 
A simple PvP battle! You will be assigned at random to any side of 2 opposing factions! It's a showdown to battle it out in this challenge!

Event 2: Up the Mountain Flyer 
Work on your siege skills in this showdown for the ages! Team up and fight your way past the gate guardians to win the final prize!

Event 3: Fast Finger Freddy 
Can you click faster than your eye can see? Once in, open the chests for a chance at the ultimate prize!

Event 4: Let it Rip! 
Bombs away! Dump all your ammo at the opposition to score points for your faction! There's fun in every ka-boom!

Event 5: Every Man for Himself! 
Ever played a game called 'Bluff'? It's a no-holds barred battle of wits with anyone (or everyone)! The ultimate goal ? down the boss for the final prize! But remember, it's every man (or woman) for themselves! Watch your back, because your best friend can quickly become your worst enemy!

Event 6:  Infinity and Beyond 
Would infinite bosses and infinite resources put a smile on your face? Challenge yourself to the ultimate fight (or gathering) in this daily event! These are just some examples of daily events that you can expect! Most importantly, there's guaranteed fun in every daily! So pick your best and go for it!

Dailies provide entry level players with the opportunity to quickly beef up their characters with EXP and Skill EXP. Every event you participate in will earn you contribution points and an astonishing array of rewards! What's more, you can socialize and find new friends, some of whom may end up fighting side by side with you in the future!