The Pharaoh's Lost Treasure

Background ? Adventures in the Sands

The showdown between good and evil has moved to a new battlefield: The rich, historical icon of the east - Bassil! This new dune-strewn, sand-shrouded battleground will prove to be a tough challenge for every adventurer! Littered with strange hieroglyphics and towering statues of cats and other mystical gods, the ancient city of Bassil was once a famous trading port. The King of the land was revered as a reincarnation of the gods and commanded the respect and admiration of the people. During this time of peace and prosperity, the King fostered the arts, culture, mysticism and other aesthetics of civilization in a period that came to be known as the 'Golden Age'.

The Battle Between Good and Evil Never Ends
The big question concerning the Angels of the Lyceum now is 'how did the battlefield shift to the deserts of Bassil?'

That question is one that the Lyceum is still trying to piece together, but it seems to have begun shortly before the defeat of the Primordeal forces. For the archaeologists who spent countless hours recovering from their terrifying encounters in the jungle, the victory meant a time to rest and recuperate before returning to their research.

The routine study of monsters in Dark City however, has produced some stunning results. Through some twisted mutation, various monsters in the region, particularly the Evil Cats, have been displaying strange behavior ? specifically, hyper aggression. Recently, unprovoked attacks on unsuspecting travelers from creatures who usually shy away from human contact have been spiking up, with no reasonable explanation as to why. Being the consummate professionals they are, these archaeologists 'dug' deeper, and made another startling discovery that will reverberate throughout the Angel Lyceum.

Cactus Plains, home of the Bassil cats
What seemed like routine work soon became cause for alarm. The archaeologists teamed up with the best historians in Eden, and they began reviewing the birth, development and history of these strange felines. The compilation of these records eventually numbered in the thousands of pages.

What they learned is that when the war between good and evil first broke out eons ago, the feline race migrated to and eventually settled in the desert region to avoid the brunt of the fighting. Wise by nature, these felines constructed a living paradise for all who sought asylum from the war. With their faith in the old gods shaken to the core from the needless destruction and death, they began worshiping the Sun god. In return for their faith, the Sun god endowed them with humanoid form and higher intelligence. Utilizing their new bodies, the felines established a strict caste system based on differences in class and social status. Slaves had masters, and were expected to be obedient and respectful, while the King wielded absolute power.

To learn more about these felines and their culture, the archaeologists overcame their earlier traumatic experiences in the Primordeal Jungle and sought answers in the ancient city of Bassil. After conversing with the royal priests there, they learned of the existence of the Sun god and a strange curse that had befallen past Kings - a familiar sign of Lucifer's handiwork!

To keep the corrupting influence of Lucifer and the Evil Lyceum from destroying the Feline empire, Archangel Michael has once again called the Angels to arms in defense of peace. It is now up to you to save the Feline Empire from complete annihilation!