Culture of the Ancient Pharaohs


Sure, stronger spellcasters, manipulators and other creepy crawlies of the pyramids may mean tough fights for those willing to explore the tombs of long dead kings, but it also means you'll be wandering the catacombs with stronger, more skilled companions!
Those who dare to brave the desert must always be on alert after venturing into the ancient city of Bassil. You never know what you might face around the next pyramid!
Attire, Props and other Gizmos! Fashion - desert style!
If you are into stripes, hieroglyphics and other stone engravings, then the items in Bassil will definitely be your cup of tea. Everyone knows that it takes great weaponry and equipment to beat down the baddies of the desert, and now you can do it in style! From weapons to armor, robots to mounts, every item is imbued with its own unique style. The Surf C of C will eventually have some of the new upgrades available in the markets of the Angel Lyceum, but for the time being they can only be found in the bazaar's of Bassil!

Unique Mantle designs

Designer Backpack Shields

Join the cult!

Tiger Stripes and Leopard Print - Rawr!

Walk like an Egyptian

New fearsome weapons

Fly across the dunes!

New Mounts and Robots


The Lost Skills of the Desert

Image  Name Skill Type Required Level Description
Divine Charge Life 150 A long range, burst damage spell. The only thing the enemy will hear before the flash is a hymn from the choirs of Angels singing of repentance.
Rhythm of Life Life 150 A player charged with this spell can hear the gentle whispers of their guardian angels guiding their every step. Greatly increase Max HP.
Deadly Infection Wraith 150 After landing a successful hit, it infects the target with a deadly poison. The poison will then insidiously select a random target nearby  and spread rapidly, dealing damage over time.
Duo Summoning Wraith 150 Enhances wraith skills, allowing you to summon 2 at one time.
   Hell Storm  Chaos  150  This jet of superhot flames will spread like wildfire, dealing damage over time to those caught in the inferno.
   Ice Age   Chaos  150  Infuse your magic with the power of ice. For a certain duration, every spell that you cast is imbued with the chill of death.
   Sacrificial Gaia  Earth  150  Single target. Use the target as a medium to summon an Earth Deity to inflict heavy damage on a target and its surroundings, with a chance to inflict a slow debuff. Restores HP and MP if the target is killed.
   Vibrant Energy  Earth  150  Increases Max. HP, Attack and defense of your monster. Effect lasts till the charm wears off or when the target leaves the team.
   Blade Storm  Sword Stance  154  A close range, deal a double-slashing sword dance that deals great damage.
   Combo  Sword Stance  148  It’s all about linking one slash with another! While activated, each multi-slashing combo dealt has a chance of a follow-up strike!
   Shatter  Axe Stance  154  A crushing blow that rips through any attack resistance. A chance to stun the target.
   Rage Cloak   Axe Stance  148  Imbues the caster’s armor with a special symbol. While activated, all damage received will be calculated normally. Once the spell expires, all damage received is multiplied and released in one explosive burst, dealing damage to the caster’s surroundings.
   Blood Rain  Spear Stance  154  Mid-range, single target. Attacks the target with a flurry of spear thrusts, dealing heavy damage.
   Bloodlust Spear Stance  148  While activated it will boost accumulation of SP when HP runs low.
   Arrow Burst  Bow Stance  154  A straight shot that pierces anything. Has a high chance to Crit, dealing massive damage.
   Elemental Shield   Bow Stance  148  Increases resistance to Thunder, Fire, Ice and Poison.
   Fiend Piercer  Shadowblade Stance  154  Inflicts HP and MP damage on a target. Also inflicts a debuff that decreases the targets MP over time.
   Illusory Strength Assassination  148  Increase the survivability of all clones by forcing the enemy to attack the clones first.


 The Entrance into the Mysterious Lands of the Desert
Much like the Sahara desert, the scorching sun and endless dunes can easily leave adventurers lost. The frontline scouts have managed to draw up some very detailed maps to help first timers navigate these regions. Of course, given how thinly the angel forces have been stretched, not everyone's got a map! Sadly, even trusty Cupid has gotten lost in these areas at times! For now, cupid's been given instructions to stay put, so check your map for his location, lest the sandstorms swallow you whole!