Located to the west of Eden, there are 13 field scenes and 2 instances. Because of the ocean style, a main island named Puqi, beach scenes, shallow sea scenes and blue sea scenes are contained.


Blue Sea

Players can enjoy the bright shallow sea scenery here. It contains abundant materials. Mermen, Octopuses, Scale Fishes and other races inhabit here. However, castoffs such as ruined robots and empty bottles from Eden have polluted the sea to a certain extent.


Colorful Coral Reefs

With shinning ripples, it is really a colorful underwater world. Because of the warm ocean current, a great deal of fish gather here. Abundant fish materials have attracted many collectors. It is an outstanding training place for beginning divers.


Golden Beach

The Golden Beach features itself with its shinning golden scenery. There are many bushes and tall palms on the beach. Of course, many snails and crabs are active here.


Puqi Village

It is one of the most comfortable places for vacation. Houses and bowers are built by palm leaves and grass. A Cafe was built near the beach where players can enjoy parties. It is a quiet place without monsters. Players can enjoy games or enjoy the sunshine there.

Palm Base

Located in the middle and southern part of Puqi Island, it is a new base built by Iron Castle. It is divided into 5 parts, including four special parts for the four factions around the base and a part for commerce and sightseeing in the middle. Many Angels come from great distances to gather here and prepare for their underwater exploration.


Wave Harbor

Located to the south of Palm Base, it is a shallow sea scene. Beginning divers can train here if they would like to dive in the deeper sea in the future. Although there are many cute living things, players should be careful. You may be unable to return to the beach if you displease them.


Blue Ocean

It is deeper because of its terrain. The blue color makes players feel quiet. Some Atlantian relics and incomplete walls and ruins are scattered everywhere. Be careful! Many underwater monsters may attack you if you venture here.


Sunken Ruins

It used to be the location of the Atlantian Palace. However, it has been submerged beneath the waves for some time now. Players can still imagine the beauty of Atlantis from the residual stones and fallen palace columns. Although some evil monsters have tried to disturb the explorers nearby, the exploration of Atlantis’ secrets continues.


Shining Coast

Located to the west of Puqi Island is a broad and long coast. However, there are some castoffs on the beach brought by the waves, such as floating wood and the remains of ships. More than that, there are sneaky pirates nearby. It seems that they have something evil in mind. Looking at the endless sea, more evil plots await revealing.


Dream Ocean

Located to the west of Puqi Island, it is the main place for the Merman. Sentries have been placed everywhere to keep attackers away from the Scale Fish. Remember to help the Merman while you do your exploration. The floating remains of ships may be the key to revealing the wrecks secrets.


Raging Reefs

There are many reefs and horrible gulfs. Looking at the remains of ships and evil sharks around the Raging Reefs, can you even imagine the situation under the water?


Quiet Ocean

The deep water color and the faint light will give players an uncomfortable feeling. Don’t rush to the light ahead of you. Maybe a group of hungry fish awaits you.


Coral Vale

It is hard to tell which way is which in this deeply dark blue sea. Because of the reefs and cliffs which rise higher than the sea level, it is possible to get lost. Many ships have sunk here.