1. Activate Card Collection: Option Keys at the left of Guardian Angel, or using Alt+C to activate it.

  2. Viewing Card Collection: Right-click on a player to view his/her card collection.

  3. No Sharing of Card Collection: In the interface setting, tick the option of no sharing.

Card’s Interfaces

  1. Card Serial Number: Each card has a unique serial number, it is available for enquiry and order sorting purpose.

  2. Card title: Refers to the title of the Cards

  3. Star Grades: Levels are divided based on Stars. Stars are given according to the value and difficulty of the card. Star grade of a card will be clearly shown with the cards collection.

    Star Grade colors consist of white, blue and gold (similar to the designs of the equipment)

    Example of Star grade : < 4 Whites Stars < 5 White Stars <1 Blue Star <2Blue Stars…. <5 Blue Star <1 Gold Star <2 Gold Stars<…

  4. Card Description: A brief description of the Card title

  5. Card’s main image: Card title image corresponding to its title

  6. Card Colors (Types): The Cards consist of 4 categories, which is corresponding to their colors. Which is : Normal monsters→Red、Extraordinary monsters→Black、Scenes→Green、Equipments→White.

Card Collection (Sets)

  1. Card Sets and Cards: Mainly shows the title of the Card set and its subordinate cards.

  2. Claim: Shows whether the Card set rewards is claimed.

  3. Card type: Shows the Card types

  4. Degree of Completion: Left figures shows card quantity owned by the player, while figure on right shows total card numbers.

  5. Card Set Description: Click on the card set and read the description, click on a subordinate card to get the clue of getting it.

    During card set selection, the right space will show all rewards after finished collecting a card set and the trading button, a player can choose to claim part or whole rewards.

Card Set Collection(Card List)

  1. Selection: This serial buttons can perform card selection, divided into all cards, general monsters, extraordinary monsters, scenes, equipment items.

  2. Collection Reminder: For new cards into the collection, a「new」will be shown to remind the player it is a new card.

  3. Card Serial Number: A unique card number

  4. Clue of a Card: A clue will be shown from a card when it is clicked on.

  5. Card title: Shows the title of a card.

  6. Type of Card: Shows card type.

  7. Star Grade of card: Shows Star grade of a card.

  8. Card: Completely shows image of a card, a card not yet available will be shown at the back of the card.