Evil Ship (Level 90-100 players)

Since the Puqi Island began to flourish and develop, various tales have spread about it. It is said that the ancient Atlantis was sunk beneath Puqi Island. It is even said that pirates’ treasures were hidden around this island. A lot of adventurers began to gather here.


After several years’ investigation, the Iron Castle Exploration Assoc organized an underwater expedition and asked them to collect more clues. When the base built by the four factions was nearly finished, the Exploration Assoc announced it had found the possible location of Ancient Atlantis. They planned to build a huge exploration ship and go to see the Atlantian relic.


After 365 days’ of continual effort, the biggest exploration ship in history, Habosen, was built. It sailed to the blue sea with a group of excellent investigators. All people hoped that Habosen could bring useful information back. However, it was lost. Someone said that it was attacked by the Evil Lyceum. Someone said that it was destroyed by sea monsters. No one really knew.


Several days passed, and the Exploration Assoc was still unable to find the lost Habosen. At last, they found a huge wrecked ship which looked like the Habosen in the deep sea. However, a number of monsters wandered around it. The rescue was doomed.

1. Ship Bottom & Ship Gutter: After being badly stricken, misery and suffering greet players’ eyes everywhere at the bottom of the ship. Groups of Scale Fish wander here and there and try to gain some useful material. Maybe someone alive is waiting for rescue.


2. Basement-2 Cabin: It seems that someone has tidied this broad cabin. There are groups of sharks. Even in the dark corner, three pairs of glowing eyes are gazing at the coming adventurers all the time.


3. Basement-1 Cabin: Players are unable to open the locked cabin door without the Captain’s key. However, there are so many Spirit Captains. Which one has the key?


4. Captains Cabin: It has become a den for Lantern Fish. The Exploration Assoc may find out the reason the Habosen sank here with the help of the Captain’s log. Be careful. You may be killed by the Spirit Captains.


5. Coral Hathpace: Wonderful singing which attracts people to move towards it can be heard around this beautiful Coral Hathpace.



Lost Region (Level 85-95 players)

It has been said that there was a flourishing city called Atlantis on the earth before the war in Heaven broke out. Blessed by God, people in Atlantis enjoyed a happy life. Apart from its fortune, Atlantis was amazing because of its technology. It said that the people in Atlantis had found an Undying Energy source and created a lot of powerful Giant Soldiers to protect the city.


One day, the war between the Angels and Devils broke out in Heaven. Devils defeated the Angels and occupied the beautiful city. Then, God bestowed punishment on the Devils and the kingdom of Atlantis, which located in the west of Eden, sank beneath the waves.


It is only a legend. No evidence reveals that Atlantis had ever existed.


It looks like a quiet sea. In fact, it is not peaceful here. Merman and Scale Fish continue to fight with each other.


The Atlantian relics have been divided into two parts by the huge oceanic trench. The smaller one is called the Lost Region. The Merman race captured the materials here and attack everyone from other races.

1. Atlantis’ Armory: There are remains of ancient robots down there. It seems that it was the Atlantis Armory or an important place that needed to be guarded. Although the Giant Soldiers have been destroyed, they still gaze at players so vividly now. It seems that they will move at any time. Be careful, the Merman race has occupied Armory.


2. Parade Platform: A huge Giant Soldier Statue stands upright on the Parade Platform. The statue hasn’t been badly damaged either. There is no moss on its joints. It seems that it has been activated recently. Many Linberd Senders guard here.


3. Lab Site: The Atlantis Lab Site has been covered by sand and dust because it was sunk beneath the water many years ago. Players can only find several Console Crystals from the broad site.


Giant Soldier: It is a huge robot guard made by the ancient Atlantians. With the help of the Undying Energy, it can move at any time, even though it has been inactive for thousand of years. The Giant Soldiers are very outstanding because of their powerful output damage and perfect defense ability. Only Atlantian people know how to control them.