1. All players with a [Battlefield Cursed Stone] can sign up to take part in the event.
2. Players can obtain a [Battlefield Cursed Stone] through some special ways or they can buy one from the Item Mall.
3. NPC [Battlefield Angel] in the four cities, the Angel Lyceum and the Palm Base can help players go to the Sign-up Office.
4. Players will return to their rebirth places if they leave the Sign-up Office.
5. During the 15 minutes before the event starts, players can bring a [Battlefield Cursed Stone] and talk to the [Holy Battlefield Clerk] in the Sign-up Office. The [Holy Battlefield Clerk] will accept the Battlefield Cursed Stone and randomly distribute players to the [Jabaly Army] (Orange) and the [Raphael Army] (Blue). Meanwhile, players will be teleported to the relative Rebirth Preparation Area in the Holy Battlefield.
Members Distribution:
1. In order to balance the power between the [Jabaly Army] (Orange) and the [Raphael Army] (Blue), the system will distribute players according to their levels.
2. Angels can continue the battle if they are offline or they leave the battlefield during the event. However, they are unable to change the Army they belong to.
Battle Viewing:
1. The [Holy Battlefield Clerk] can help players view the battle as well. During the 15 minutes before the event starts, he can help players go to the battlefield and view the battle for free, even after the event starts.
2. Angels who would like to view the battle are invisible to those Angels who join the battle and they are unable to do anything except watch.
  After the sign-up ends, there will be 30 seconds for players to prepare for battle. The road to the central battlefield will be closed. Players can equip themselves and consult with other Angels from the same army.
Battle Channel:
1. Players in battle can speak on all channels, even in the Battle Channel. However, players who view the battle are unable to speak in any channel so that there is no spying.
2. After players sign up and enter the preparation area, they will automatically switch to the Battle Channel where they can talk to other players from the same army.
About the Battle:
1. After players enter the battlefield, an orange circle can be seen at the feet of the Jabaly Army players, while the Raphael Army jplayers will have a blue one. The system will count down from 30 seconds before the battle starts. After that, the barrier in the road to the central battlefield will disappear.
2. After death, Angels can revive themselves in the Rebirth Preparation Area where it’s safe
3. Players can know the real-time battle situation from the bottom left corner of the interface.
1. Players who take part in the Holy Battlefield should try to earn more points. The more points they have, the more rewards theys can win. After their points reach the upper limit, the reward will not be increased any more. However, Angels can make their efforts to earn the Single Round Highest Points award.
2. No matter how many points they have, players from the losing army can only obtain a basic reward. Even Angels from the winning army can only obtain the basic reward if they earn zero points.
3. After players enter the Rebirth Preparation Area in the battlefield, they can see the individual points at the bottom right corner of the interface.
4. After the event ends, all points will be zeroed out.
How can the Fighting System players obtain points?
1. Kill an enemy: each player can obtain 2 points by killing an opposite army player. However, they are unable to obtain any points if the level gap between them is more than 10.
2. Rob a crystal: players can obtain 20 points if they can steal the crystal from the opposite army during the event(only the first time). If they can bring the crystal back and hand it to the army leader (Jabaly or Raphael), they can obtain 500 points. Note: Points relative with crystals will not be counted at once. Players can obtain points after they hand the crystal to the army leader.
3. Destroy a City Gate: players can share points according to the damage they make on the opposite army’s guards. Players may obtain 5-40 points for different guards at different Gates.
4. Destroy a Statue: players can obtain 2 points by destroying an opposite army’s Statue. If several Angels destroy a Statue together, the points’ distribution is the same with the drops distribution by killing monsters.
How can the Production System players obtain points?
1. Build a Statue: Production System Angels can obtain points as well by providing some [Building Materials] to build Statues. Each Building Material equals 1 point.
2. Build a City Gate: Angels can obtain points as well by providing some [Building Materials] to build a City Gate. Each Building Material equals 1 point. Because of different guards, a City Gate needs 5-40 Building Materials.


Kill an enemy
Rob a Crystal
Hand a Crystal to the army leader
Destroy a City Gate
Destroy a Statue
Offer a Building Material

If you leave the battle for supplements or get disconnected occasionally, please go back before it ends, otherwise, you won’t get Exp.