Skills of Production System

Issued On: Mar. 26, 2008


Weapons Skill: can manufacture Swords, Axes, Spears and Bows

Armor Skill: can manufacture boots, gloves, clothes, caps and shields of Garment and Mantle.

Sew Skill: can manufacture boots, gloves, clothes, mantles and backpacks of Gown.

Technics Skill: can manufacture staffs, decorations, robot parts and fortification.

Cook Skills: can cook food for enhancing the attribute and resistance of attack and defense.

Robot Skills

Mechanism Skill: increases attack by 1, defense by 3 and HP by 3 every level upgrading.

Drive Skill: increases the movement speed of the robot by 50%, Attack by 15, Accuracy by 1 and Agility by 1 every level upgrading.

Garment and Mantle Skills

Garment Skill: slows the shoot, collecting and casting. Increases defense by 4 and weight by 72 every level upgrading.

Mantle Skill: slows the casting. Increases defense by 3, agility by 1 and weight by 60 every level upgrading.

Collecting Skills

Dig Skill: attack+2. It needs Moyle.

Collect Skill: attack+2. It needs gloves.

Lumber Skill: attack+2. It needs axe.

Fishing Skill: attack+2. It needs fishing rod.


Notes: The original skill level will not disappear after level changing. Players need a Skill Crystal to change their skills when they are level 20+. At present, players can have 6 skills at the same time.