4th Round Fights Finished

Issued On: Mar. 21, 2008



Dear Angels,

After 2 hours of fierce battles, 12 leagues have occupied their territories successfully. Congratulations to the guilds who won the first round Totem Battle. It's a great pleasure for us to announce the champions here:

Server: Haniel

League Faction Captain
Silverstar Iron Castle  MemoryPS
Exotica Aurora City  Zander
PuGadBaBoyZ Dark City  Panzy
Ascension Aurora City  Spawn01
AoJ Dark City  Riku
Cataclysm Breeze Woods Murtoc
Eternal Aurora City  Canith
IceKids Breeze Woods  oOnaymanOo
BloodAngels Iron Castle  Coolcloud333
BlazinAngels Breeze Woods Braza
Lawlocaust Breeze Woods AngelicTot


League Faction Captain
LoveCity Dark City  Ayoomi
BlackListed Iron Castle  Panerai
DeathSquad Iron Castle  HoT
RoYal_AuRoRa Aurora City  Aporlo
XAGA Breeze Woods forcemick
XAGA2 Breeze Woods XAGAmick
LoveCityII Iron Castle Eileen
Heaven Iron Castle  Flame
HellsAngels Iron Castle  darkest
UnitedSlayer Aurora City  warhawk
DevilMayCry Aurora City Dragon2411
Hell Iron Castle F1ame


Congratulations to the four leagues (red-background) that occupied their new territories.

Thank you for your attention!