Forum Event: Beginning Angel Strategies

Issued On: Mar. 17, 2008


With our little Angels having grown up a lot in Angels Online, we will be holding the "Level 1-30 Strategy Collection" event for everyone to share their own experiences with other beginning players.

Event Rules:

1. Your strategies should be related to how each class levels up from 1 to 30. For instance, how to level up quickly, which quests are useful for leveling up, or how to spend less money to level up (including pets). Your strategy should be effective and feasible, and deal with any classes or guilds. (Excluding high level players helping low level players with advancement, or other methods which slightly break the game rules.)

2. Your strategy should be original, if there are duplicates, the one sent first will count.

3. Your strategy should be concise and understandable to rookies. Pictures illustrating your strategies are preferred.

4. Strategies are not limited in length; however, do not use any inappropriate language or pictures

5. Participants with 1 account can submit 2 strategies with different content.

6. Winners will be rewarded.

7. IGG reserves all the copyrights to your works and final judgment of the event.

Event Rewards: 100000 angel coins & Level 45 Good weapon

Event Duration: March 17th to March 30th

Event Location: Guides and Tutorials

To participate: Post your works titled [Experience] in the Guides and Tutorials

Selection: Officials will select the top 4 strategies about leveling fast, the top 4 strategies about leveling cheap, and the top 4 strategies about improving your pets' level first. Then, the players themselves will vote to select top 6 strategies from the 12 works.


1. All participants should stick to our event rules, otherwise their qualifications will be cancelled.

2. All members all qualified to participate in the event.




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