1st Round Fights Finished

Issued On: Feb. 28, 2008

Dear Angels,

After 2 hours of fierce battles, 12 leagues have occupied their territories successfully.Congratulations to the guilds who won the first round Totem Battle. It's a great pleasure for us to announce the champions here:

Server : Haniel

League Captain
Silverstar MemoryPS
Exotica Zander
PuGadBaBoyZ Panzy
Ascension Spawn01
AoJ Riku
HeavenAngels Zalon
Eternal Canith
Outcast Katrina
Cataclysm Murtoc
IceKids oOnaymanOo
Lawlocaust AngelicTot

Server: Nisroc

League Captain
LoveCity Ayoomi
SeraphAngels ArchAngel
DeathSquad HoT
RoYal_AuRoRa Aporlo
XAGA forcemick
XAGA2 mickey
CanisKnights Cannon
UnitedSlayer warhawk
LoveCityII Ayoomimi
LoveCityIII susuispig
G-Unit Grain
Heaven Flame

Congratulations to the champions!

Thank you for your attention!