Leave your game impression!(DC EVENT)

Issued On: Mar. 1, 2023
Leave your game impression!
How to participate:
Leave one comment about your thoughts on playing Angels online with your character name in the “event” channel, top 10 players every day receive a 30M exp card*10
Event Duration:00:00 3/02/2023 ~ 23:59 3/08/2023(GMT-5)
1. Each game account and discord is only eligible to receive the stated prizes once during the event time. 
2. Entries must be your own, no copycats. 
3. Submissions must not include vulgarities, profanities, or any other content deemed unsuitable for an all-ages contest. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
<IGG and the AO Team reserve the right of the final interpretation of this event, its rules and rewards.>