Strange Summer

Issued On: Aug. 25, 2022

A. Event Title

Strange Summer

B. Event Duration

Strange Summer - Part 1: Ominous Aura Collection

August 25, 2022 (Thursday, after maintenance)-September 8, 2022 (Thursday, before maintenance)

Strange Summer - Part 2: Stay tuned!

September 8, 2022 (Thursday, after maintenance)-September 29, 2022 (Thursday, before maintenance)

C. Event Intro

Summer is ending and [Abe no Seimei] has come to Angel Lyceum, bringing news of an unknown evil that is using the monsters to invade Eden. He seeks the help of the angels to unravel the mystery behind this ominous aura.

D. Details

1. After the maintenance, [Abe no Seimei] will provide event information and prize exchange at Angel Lyceum.

2. Players can obtain [Ominous Aura] on maps used to battle and collect Lv 21 and above monsters and materials respectively. The higher the levels of the monsters and materials, the higher the chance of obtaining the aura.

3. Players can bring their [Ominous Aura] to [Abe no Seimei] and exchange for event rewards.

E. New Items



Soul Bell


Enchanted-Soul Bell


Purifying Water

Holy water that is said to possess purifying abilities.

Ominous Aura

A mysterious aura that is lingering across Eden. It increases the power of monsters affected by it.

Pet-Hell Executioner

A special Lv 100 pet weapon.

The repairman is allergic to pets, so please remember to unequip all special pet equipment before sending them for repair.

Pet-Woods Armor

A special Lv 100 pet armor.

Pet-Star Moon Bracelet

A special Lv 100 pet accessory.

Star Shard

Special materials for making Star Keys. Collect to exchange for rewards with Astral Angel (177, 100) at Angel Lyceum.