Summer Festival Prelude

Issued On: Aug. 26, 2021

A. Event Title
Summer Festival Prelude

B. Event Duration
Summer Festival Prelude
2021.08.26 (Thursday - After maintenance) to 2021.09.02 (Thursday - Before maintenance)
※Limited-Time Event

C. Participants
Every player on every server.

D. Event Intro
To welcome the release of Yatiss’s Desolate Sea and bring closure to the eventful summer, the Angel Lyceum will be holding the [Summer Festival] next week. For this week, the angels will be entitled to 3X EXP and 3X Collecting/Manufacturing Speed! The [Enchanted-Yatiss Voucher Egg] will also be on sale at 30% off at the Item Mall! Don’t miss this chance to don the [Enchanted-Aqua Suitcase] and explore the [Desolate Sea] in style!        


E. Details

1. Character EXP gained will be threefold.

2. Skill EXP gained will be threefold.

3. Pet EXP gained will be threefold.

4. Collecting Speed will be threefold.

5. Manufacturing Speed will be threefold.

6. [Enchanted-Yatiss Voucher Egg] will be on sale at 30% off for a week.