Lovebirds - Valentine’s Day Celebration

Issued On: Feb. 25, 2021

A. Event Title
Lovebirds - Valentine’s Day Celebration

B. Event Duration
Valentine’s Day Celebration P1 - Koolombus's Wedding Anniversary Reserves
Extended until 2021.03.04 (Thursday, before maintenance)

Valentine’s Day Celebration P2 - Suzy’s Valentine’s Chocolate
Second Session: 2021.02.25 (Thursday, after maintenance)~2021.03.04 (Thursday, before maintenance)

C. Participants
Every player on every server

D. Details

1. P1 - Koolombus's Wedding Anniversary Reserves

A. The event will be extended until 2021.03.04 (Thursday, before maintenance)


2. P2 - Suzy’s Valentine’s Chocolate

A. As more players voted for [Hazelnut Coffee Chocolate], those who voted for it can receive the [Shapeshifting Honey Beast] from [Suzy] as a reward after the Feb 25 maintenance. 

B. As for players who voted for the Honey Almond Chocolate, don’t lose heart. You will receive a Honey Almond Chocolate Poll Card from [Suzy] as a gift for your help.