Screenshot Contest

Issued On: Feb. 2, 2008


Valentine's Day is coming! Wanna do something special on this romantic day? If so, bring your lover to participate in our Screenshot Contest.

Event Location: AO Media Overview (photo), AO Forum

Event Duration: Feb, 2nd(EST) to Feb, 16th (EST)


Event Rules:

1.      The screenshot should be related to Valentine's Day, and it can be re-edited as you like.

2.      You should attach descriptions to your screenshots, and the content should be decent and not explicit.

3.      Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

4.      The screenshot should contain two lovers (1 male and 1 female).

5.      The descriptions should be from 1 to 100 words.

6.      Post the screenshot with your character name and server name.

7.      Post your screenshot in the corresponding section, and it should be titled [Photo].


Selection Rules: According to players' comments, the number of replies and official verification, we will choose five most excellent works.


Event reward: Each winner will get an Intensified Inlay Lucky Bag.

(Open the bag will get one of the following things randomly: Enhanced Hammer, or Advanced Piercing Hammer and various gems.)



1.      Unrelated or indecent posts will be deleted.

2.      The winner list, the time to redeem rewards, and how to redeem rewards will be announced 3 days after the end of the event.

We hope all participants stick to our forum rules!


For more information please visit us at